Athens, Greece

Domino House Athens


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Athens, Greece


USP, Spyros Hound Photography

One of the most characteristic buildings on Themistokleous Street, in the very center of Athens, built in the 1930s, with characteristic elements of Athenian modernism, both externally (the embossed decoration on the facade, the symmetry and the curved engravings at the entrance and the balconies) and and in the interior. These bits guided the design approach during its conversion into a hotel and so it was decided that its modernist features would be highlighted and the Bauhaus aesthetic would be adopted.

The basic principles of modernism (simple and functional design, extensive use of metal and glass, bright colors) were interpreted and applied in the environment of modern Athens.

On the ground floor, the main corridor was opened to highlight the already impressive entrance. The bar and restaurant areas are developed on the two sides of the corridor. The hotel has forty rooms and suites on 7 floors, positioned around a skylight that introduces natural light to the space. An outdoor seating area is designed on the hotel rooftop.

Indoors, geometric patterns are combined with bright colors on all surfaces. All the furniture was designed from scratch in order to make the best use of all the spaces of the rooms.


Partners in Charge
Tasos Georgantzis, Simos Antoniadis

Lead Architects
Marianthi Tsomlektsi, Agis Tompros, Christos Mellios

Design Team 
Alkis Avarkiotis, Danae Michalatou

Structural Study
Constantinos Spyrakos

Electromechanical Study
Arxiko Consulting Engineers [Giorgos Theofilogiannakos]

Acoustical Study
Acoustical Engineers [Giorgos Chatzigeorgiou]