Brussels, Belgium







Brussels, Belgium


The second ERGON deli & restaurant in Brussels is housed in the new built Docks Bruxsel shopping district. The store extends in approximately 300 sq.m., in a long rectangular and high-ceiling space. Both the entrance from the mall and the exit to the outdoors space are on the store’s shorts sides. This provided with an ideal space to apply the brand’s identity layout that is the central bar. In this case, the central bar is positioned in the middle of the area, and almost all auxiliary uses are located within it and around it. Entering from the mall, the visitor finds the deli as it develops with shelves against the wall and with lower shelving units. The central zone is divided in two parts, with the bar, coffee station, cashier and deli fridges all found in the first part, and the kitchen in the second. The rest of the store is a piazza with seating dining arrangements. The materials used all belong to the ERGON palette.

Partner in Charge
Maria Tsaftari

Design Team
Stella Papazoglou, Effimia Tsocha, Georgia Kissa