Corfu, Greece

ERGON Ikos Dassia





Corfu, Greece


Nikos Vavdinoudis – Christos Dimitriou

The design of ERGON within Ikos Dassia hotel was an opportunity to configure a new version of the brand’s restaurants. In the course of its evolution, the brand has developed around the idea of creating spaces for interaction between visitors and the Greek content of Ergon’s experience. This led to the design of a courtyard, interior and exterior at the same time. The courtyard is defined by the marble terazzo floor, made with the traditional technique of using byproducts of the floor material laid in other areas. In this case, the material used is white marble offcuts, in larger size than usually. The ceiling is covered in its entirety with reeds and beams, recreating the sense of an outdoor canopy in a square or a courtyard, while the entrance is defined by a linear pergola leading to the restaurant. The selection of furnishing and textiles is offering a cozy sense of comfort, always adhering to Ergon’s high standards.

The space is long, parallel to the view of the pool, and in contact with the hotel lobby. The entrance is through an indoors wooden pergola, that defines a corridor to the interior. Focal point in the visitor’s experience is the wine tasting. Therefore, the wine cellar is placed right by the entrance, is visible through the transparent shell, that is formed with arches and glass. The light fixtures are pendant, woven made of rope and reed, the textiles and fabrics all carry colours, textures and patterns of traditional features, found in Greek tradition.

Partner in Charge
Tasos Georgantzis

Lead Architect
Tessie Douki

Design Team
Maria Koukoutsi