London, UK

ERGON Maddox





London, UK


Kimberley Powell

This new Ergon London store is located on Maddox street, in an off Regent Str. area. Its prime location asked for an adjusted version of the main typology of the brand’s identity. Space is a typical ground floor store in Central London, having the entrance set back, and an atrium at the back. The main island is located in the front visible from the street, attached to the wall allowing circulation and the shelving units to be developed. Towards the back, where the width is bigger, the seating area is developed with a fixed couch along the wall and a monastery table at the atrium. The walls are used for the selling shelving units, made of off white thin metal and wood. The materials and color palette used here is significantly lighter in tone, with a white colored wood, white font Greek marble, following the existing listed white facade. The divergence from the main brand identity is caused by the store’s location to conform with the Regent Street regulations, as all other stores have a unique characteristic rooted in their location.

Partner in Charge
Maria Tsaftari

Lead Architect
Stella Papazoglou