Thessaloniki, Greece






Thessaloniki, Greece


Stefanos Tsakiris

The aim of the FoodPorn design was to create a space that provides a holistic experience, with details that all tell the same story. It is a restaurant that serves a product with strong and unique roots from the American culture. Consequently, the design of the space incorporates elements that are predominantly associated with it. The open-air kitchen and the booths are the aspects that largely define the layout of the space and signify its identity. The walls were dressed with corrugated metal sheets, a material usually used to isolated work sites, thus creating a unified space that feels like it is detached from its environment. The materials used have undergone minimal processing, the corrugated sheets, metallic features and ytong used for the bar, were left unpainted. The roof structure was left as found and copper was used for the lighting fixtures and restaurant logo.

Partner in Charge
Tasos Georgantzis

Lead Architect
Maria Tsaftari

Design Team
Georgia Kissa