Thessaloniki, Greece


Kimberley Powell

Hotelia show, an annual hospitality event organised by Helexpo, invited in 2018 Urban Soul Project to propose and design a new, innovative model of tourism. 

This proposal relates to glamping, an idea referring to the merged terms ‘glamorous camping’. In a greek context, this model can offer the experience of a stay in nature, without lacking the comforts a hotel would offer. 

The structure of such a camping experience includes lounge areas, private WCs, beds and other high standard amenities that are normally met in starred hotels.This proposal facilitates the show’s requirements and forms an exaggerated version of the idea. The design takes the form of a cocoon raised from the ground, constructed from a metal frame with timber cladding. It is only partly covered, allowing views and sounds between the inside and outside, while it is also possible to fully shelter and separate the enclosed space, to provide privacy and weather protection.

The environment designed for this installation references the woods, with metal posts taking the place of tree trunks and with the use of real plants and grass. All the furniture of the setting (swings, lounge chairs and sunbeds) were used by the exhibition visitors, while the experience was completed with audio support that played sounds of nature.

Partner in Charge
Tasos Georgantzis

Design Team
Simos Antoniadis, Natalia Pantelidou