Mykonos, Greece

Rocabella Resort





Mykonos, Greece


The traditional Cycladic architecture was the basic reference for the redesign of the hotel Rocabella in Mykonos. The hotel is a complex of structures that facilitate accommodation, catering and wellness services. In the design of the rooms, for both the interior and exterior, built structures were selected in order to separate but simultaneously unite each area of the rooms. Inside the rooms, different levels were created thus separating the sleeping area. Outside of the rooms, private Jacuzzis with built-in seating that are coated with white cement mortar were created. Also, changes were made to the outdoor pool area with reconfigurations to the lounge bar. All structures were designed and built specifically for the needs of each space. The abstract approach to the design, the choices in lighting, textures and color tones of the materials selected, advocate the creation of an archetypal space of dominant calm and restore in an ancestral relationship between man and the elements that surrounding him.