Athens, Greece

Rooftop 360°




457 sqm.


Athens, Greece


Vangelis Paterakis Studio

Rooftop 360°, a unique urban oasis in the historic city center of Athens, distinguishes itself with the imaginative use of textures, and carefully selected planting, boasting a capacity of 250 visitors. The materiality serves as a key feature, with gravel reminiscent of a traditional Greek courtyard and marble slabs inspired by Philopappou’s paving. The design approach seamlessly integrates opulent textures like marble and wood, introducing warm earthy tones that set the rooftop apart from the Athenian skyline.

The aromatic Greek plant palette and the theatrically inspired layout across three levels enhance both visitor experience and staff functionality. Taking inspiration from the local environment, the Rooftop 360° garden aims to cultivate a serene ambiance and a sense of infinity for visitors. To enrich the atmosphere, bespoke lighting has been curated, creating a warm space with subtle accents in the dining areas and the central bar. Gravel and various marble treatments add texture, framing key elements like the olive tree and contributing to the rooftop’s charm.

Rooftop 360° is an open space, warmly inviting both locals and tourists to experience its unique vibe. It offers a distinctive design, characterized by Greek flora, and stands as an escape in the heart of the city, welcoming you to dine, sip a drink, and enjoy the Acropolis view at sunset.

Partners in Charge 
Maria Tsaftari

Lead Architects
Agis Tompros, Alexandros Apostolopoulos

Design Team 
Danae Michalatou, Kostas Argyriou, Amalia Papastergiou

Arxiko Consulting Engineers

Electromechanical Study
Arxiko Consulting Engineers

Exterior Lighting
Urban Soul Project