Athens, GR

Sarlas Showroom





Athens, GR


This is the new flagship store for Sarlas Contracts in Athens, on Kifisias Avenue. Sarlas is one of the most renowned fabric retailers in Greece, with a long family history, and a leader brand name in fabric sales. This master position was mirrored in design terms with a full array of the collections, and with features derived from a library environment, such as hanging from ceiling steel passages found in libraries from the 19th century, with floor to ceiling stands for fabric samples and booklets. A major design decision was the opening of a double height area, by the repositioning of the mezzanine floor. This way, an aperture is created, around which a light steel passage is set in order to reach floor to ceiling stands with samples. Stands are custom made for this store and designed as free standing although placed against walls. Each unit is formed of curved veneer walnut back, long horizontal and shorter vertical shelving units, and metal rail for fabric sample packs. Linear led light is underlining edges, folds, and other punctual elements of the structure.

Partner in Charge
Maria Tsaftari

Lead Architect
Ioanna Tzampazi