Thessaloniki, GR

Seven Big Time Entertainment





Thessaloniki, GR


Kimberley Powell

Seven Big Time Entertainment with a long tradition in the field of cinema, was designed to host and offer a range of services, similar to its main and oldest business activity. Private movie screenings in small and larger spaces, individual and group video gaming sessions, virtual reality areas , are all activities everything happening simultaneously across space. The three-dimensional space was designed with light as a unifying element that appears in the form of geometric light sources, point, linear and non-linear, running through the space, giving direction, signifying areas and spaces, emphasizing edges and surfaces. The RGB color light is defined by the aesthetics of gaming, while the deep dark colors with the singular intensities of light refer to an environment that is rooted in the primary element, that of an electronic circuit.

Partner in Charge
Maria Tsaftari

Lead Architect
Christina Petsiou