Thessaloniki, GR

The Boat Apartment






Thessaloniki, GR


The architectural interior refurbishment of this apartment focuses on inventing a new typology for the typical 80 sq.m. downtown apartment. The owner can host up to four people, in spaces that offer privacy at moments, but generally have less strict boundaries. Usually, you will find the living room in the front, street facade, two bedrooms at the back, kitchen and a shared bathroom in the middle. Here, this layout is altered. A masterbedroom with an ensuite bathroom overlooking the bed and then outside, and a walking closet are all placed in the front old living room. The two back bedrooms are united in one big space where the living room and the kitchen is located. Along the long corridor, several uses such as a reading room and a guest bedroom are caved. All boundaries between these rooms are glass, semi or totally transparent, giving to the owner and guests to experience privacy and commonness depending on time and mood.