Thessaloniki, Greece

The Garden Bar






Thessaloniki, Greece


Kimberley Powell

Garden bar is located in COLORS Urban Hotel in Thessaloniki. The building is open on both sides on Tsimiski and Agiou Mina streets, the bar overlooking on Agiou Mina str, the Jewish museum and a pedestrian street with sour orange trees.

The idea of garden bar is rooted in the traditional Greek shared courtyard that was found in the Greek city. The color of the space is green, and the walls are covered with real plants. The floors are laid with stone, the way that we would find it in a cobble street.

The restrooms are also designed as part of this garden ambience, with the corner sink being a custom corner washing well.

Partner in Charge
Tasos Georgantzis

Lead Architect
Tessie Douki

Design Team
Georgia Kissa, Eleftheria Florou