Paris, France

The Pinch Apartment





Paris, France


Nikos Vandinoudis, Christos Dimitriou

This small apartment is located in the heart of Paris, a short walk from the Eiffel Tower and Trocadero Square. The purpose of the apartment is to create a place to host friends and guests of a couple, who lives permanently in Paris. It is fully autonomous and can serve a group up to four people. The design concept provides autonomy to the apartment as it has all the necessary facilities in the kitchen, in the W.C., the storage and auxiliary areas, despite its small size, which does not exceed 30 sq. m.

The materials selection was intended to create a quiet environment with bright colors on the floors, the furniture, the marble surfaces and the fabrics. The apartment has got two windows facing the bright-uncovered space of the building block. It is two-spaced, with the kitchen and the living room in the first room, with access to the W.C., and the bedroom in the second room of the apartment. The volume of W.C. is timber-cladded and integrated with the storage areas at the entrance, including mechanical installations, washing machine and other auxiliary equipment.

Partner in Charge/Lead Architect
Maria Tsaftari 

Design Team
Christina Petsiou