Thessaloniki, Greece






Thessaloniki, Greece


Valitsaki is designed to be a hotel shop, located on the ground level of City Hotel in Thessaloniki. Its small size led to a design solution that takes advantage of its height in order to create space for product display. The signature element of the concept is leather and it refers to traditional leather travel bags, since the shop offers all the necessary travel equipment and souvenirs.

Combined with friendly, bright colors and custom-designed furniture, it creates a cozy and inviting place that serves its purpose: a traveller’s shop that highlights its well-crafted products. A 4-meter-high wall is fully covered with a vertical multi-material structure and a portable ladder for reaching the higher shelves. It is made out of white lacquered wood, pink metal and leather.A prominent metal bench, the cashier’s desk and a wall-furniture for magnets and travel cards, complete a design solution that takes advantage of a very confined space in order to deploy an abundance of high-end, local design products and travel essentials.

Lead Architect
Simos Antoniadis